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The medical centre is modern and fully equipped.
The following obstetric services are practiced by Dr. Vatcheva.
  • Gynecological exams;
  • Pap test
  • Colposcopy diagnosis;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis;
  • Gynecological ultrasound(abdominal and vaginal);
  • Prophylactical breast exams;
  • Regular pregnancy exams;
  • Birth (Norman and Caesarian operation);
  • IN VITRO fertilization;
  • Termination of pregnancy(abortion);
  • Gynecological operations,

What is the Pap test?

Pap test is the examination of the cervix. This type of examination can easily show cancerous and pre cancerous deformations. It is an easy and effective method, invented by doctor Papanikolaou, who is leaving and working in America. The test was named after him. The exam process is absolutely not painful and it is generally required to be done approximately one week after the period.The day before the test take place, the patient should not have sexual contacts, vaginal wash or vaginal medicines.


9-11 Gouveli and 76 Ilia Liiou street, Neos Kosmos, Floor: 2nd
Near Underground station: Neos Kosmos

Office: 210 9331690
Mobile: 0030 6972 312 888


Why it is so important to have prophylactic exams every six months?
Because, at the beginning, the malignancies of the female reproductive system(the cervix cancer, the uterus cancer, the ovary cancer and the breast cancer) do not appear physical symptoms. The symptoms come later, in an advanced stage when the malignancies are incurable.
Fortunately, with the contemporary medical technology, this pathology can be prevent,avoid and cured successfully in an early stage.